January  2023


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Welcome to our Bridging  the Gap Mentoring  Newsletter.
Explaining how we help people through effective mentoring.

Good News

  • A warm welcome to Niki White, who has joined our Board of Trustees. Niki will be using her skills in social media to see how we can better use it widen our profile .

What is mentoring ?

Many people are not certain what mentoring means.  This is not surprising. Mentoring is used in many different contexts. One way to understand it  is to compare mentoring with other services.

Training and Coaching are task-focussed and the focus is on  helping people to achieve specific tasks.  Whereas services like counselling and befriending are person -focussed.  The essential element of counselling or befriending is regular meetings, usually once a week.

Mentoring is somewhere between these different approaches.  We combine a  person-centred approach with the achievement of some defined tasks.




Weekly Meetings
3 SMART goals

 Combine person and task



Bridging the Gap mentors will meet service users about once a week for sixteen weeks.  These regular meetings help to build confidence.  At the same time, our mentors also aim to achieve some definite tasks together with the service user.

The service user identifies what they want support on. Some examples of what It can include are help with forms, accessing specialist advice, budgeting, looking at ways to reduce energy use, applying for training, social activities, investigating housing options, opening a bank account and finding voluntary work. We also offer shorter targeted mentoring for those who are struggling with the cost of living increases. 

At the end of mentoring we expect that service users will have gained in confidence and improved their ability to work with people and they will also have achieved definite changes that they have chosen. One of our service users commented:

“My mentor helped me to do something I was too stressed and overwhelmed to do on my own and helped me to feel more confident.”

If you think you have someone who would benefit from mentoring contact our Outreach officer on [email protected] or ring 07842612979to discuss.


Supporting people 

Bridging the Gap Mentoring offers trained, expertly supervised volunteer mentors for people at risk of homelessness, offending and addiction.
Regular informal support from someone who is concerned about them individually helps people to rebuild their lives.

To find out more or make a referral:

Visit our website: www.bridging-mentoring.org.uk
Freephone number: 0800 488 0746
Email us: welcome@bridging-mentoring.org.uk
When you contact us, we will ask for some further details whilst arranging a volunteer match.  We aim to start the partnership in 2-4 weeks.

We look forward to working with you.

Best wishes, Yvonne
Bridging the Gap Mentoring

Bridging the Gap Mentoring offers trained, expertly supervised volunteer mentors for people at risk of homelessness, offending and addiction. Regular support from someone who is concerned about them individually can help people to rebuild their lives.