Good News – this month 

– Soraya felt confident enough to walk into a charity shop and ask about volunteering and is now helping there two days a week.

– Abdi has been granted leave to remain status, he can now apply for work and benefits.

50% or more of the people we helped

Improved their work prospects – through help with C.V.s, job applications and work qualifications

Improved their health – by registering with a G.P. healthy eating, regular routine

Improved their writing skills – help with filling forms, computer skills and language

Achievements of the last year :  April 2021- March 2022

The chart below shows the percentage of mentees that benefited in each area of life. The percentages add up to more than 100 because many mentees gained in several ways.


What did our mentees have to say? 

“ My mentor helped me to do something I was too stressed and overwhelmed to do on my own and helped me feel more confident. “

“Compared to where I was at the start of the sessions I’m in a very different place. Having tangible goals and working towards these with someone makes a real difference.”

If you think you have someone who would benefit from mentoring do drop Yvonne an email [email protected] or ring 07842612979 to discuss.