November 2023

Mentoring helps people in many different ways.
People we mentored during 2022/23 improved their lives in several different ways
On average, each person changed their life for the better in three different ways.

Here is a summary of how people’s lives changed

We welcome people in North London who would like to change their lives and are at risk of homelessness or have experience of the criminal justice system or substance misuse.

If you think you know someone who would benefit from mentoring contact Robin on [email protected] or ring 07842 612979 to discuss.

We are very grateful for the continuing interest and support of our volunteer mentors.
More information and advice for mentors is on our website here
Donations, of course, are always welcome  please donate  here
To find out more or make a referral:
Visit our website:
Freephone number: 0800 488 0746
Email us:
When you contact us, we will ask for some further details whilst arranging a volunteer match.

We aim to start the partnership in 2-4 weeks.