July 2023

New Opportunity


We have funding to appoint a Lived Experience Advocate to help us to increase the contribution that people with lived experience can make to our service, both as part of the staff team and as mentors.  We can offer £22 / hour for 5 hours a week.  If you think you might be interested in this opportunity or if you know about places that we can advertise this opportunity, please get in touch:  [email protected]  or 07956440309.

Mentoring with Bridging the Gap

How does it help?

Mentoring is used in many different contexts. One way to understand it is to compare mentoring with other services.  Mentoring is somewhere between training and counselling.

Training and Coaching are task-focussed, and the focus is on helping people to achieve specific tasks.

Alternatively, services like counselling and befriending are person -focussed.  The essential element of counselling or befriending is regular meetings, usually once a week.

Mentoring is somewhere between these different approaches.

We combine a person-centred approach with the achievement of some defined tasks.

Weekly Meetings
3 SMART goalsCombine person and task


Bridging the Gap mentors will meet service users about once a week for sixteen weeks.  These regular meetings help to build confidence and understanding.

At the same time, our mentors also aim to achieve some definite tasks together with the service user.
The service user identifies what they want support on. Often this includes help with forms, accessing specialist advice, budgeting, looking at ways to reduce energy use, applying for training, social activities, investigating housing options, opening a bank account and finding voluntary work.

Through mentoring we expect that service users will gain in confidence and improve their ability to work with people.  They will also achieve definite changes that they have chosen. One of our service users commented:

“My mentor helped me to do something I was too stressed and overwhelmed to do on my own and helped me to feel more confident.”


Help from people with lived experience

Mentoring is sometimes associated with help provided by people with lived experience to other people going through similar experiences.  Bridging the Gap wants to see if we can incorporate more expertise from people with lived experience into our service.  We would like to find more mentors with lived experience as well as employing an advocate to help us to develop this side of mentoring.

If you think you know someone who would benefit from mentoring contact Robin on [email protected] or ring 07956440309 to discuss.

Robin Latimer

Co-ordinator,  Bridging the Gap Mentoring

Tel 07956440309