April 2023


Dear Friend,

Welcome to our Bridging  the Gap Mentoring  Newsletter.
Explaining how we help people through effective mentoring.

Our Mentors 

We are very grateful for volunteers who mentor for us, supporting our clients and making a difference to their lives.

We have a wide range of volunteers with a diverse range of skills, experience , ages and backgrounds .  They include university students but also young professionals and people with established careers and home lives.
The wide variety of backgrounds our mentors come from means that we can often provide a mentor to support people with specific language or cultural needs.

We match mentors and mentees individually, considering their experience and their interests so that each mentee will be offered a mentor who can understand their situation and help them to make changes. In order to do this, we maintain a pool of potential mentors and recruit and train new mentors each year. Some mentors will only mentor once. Other mentors are happy to mentor several times.

As well as making a difference to our clients lives, mentors gain  experience ,skills and satisfaction from the role .

This is what some of our mentors have said :

“This is a vital asset to local communities in London and I am very
proud to be a part of it. Supporting others will teach you so much about yourself too.”

“Volunteering at Bridging the Gap is an extremely rewarding experience.I loved seeing ‘A’  achieve the goals he had set out at the beginning and improve his financial, mental, physical and social situation. I am very grateful I was able to support him with this. Bridging the Gap really does make a positive difference to people’s lives.”

Thanks as always to our mentors .

If you think you have someone who would benefit from mentoring contact our Outreach officer on [email protected] or ring 07842612979to discuss.

 Supporting people 

Bridging the Gap Mentoring offers trained, expertly supervised volunteer mentors for people at risk of homelessness, offending and addiction.
Regular informal support from someone who is concerned about them individually helps people to rebuild their lives.

We are very grateful for the continuing interest and support of our volunteer mentors.
More information and advice for mentors is on our website here  https://bridging-mentoring.org.uk/advice-for-mentors/
Donations, of course, are always welcome  please donate  here https://bridging-mentoring.org.uk/donate/

To find out more or make a referral:

Visit our website: www.bridging-mentoring.org.uk
Freephone number: 0800 488 0746
Email us: welcome@bridging-mentoring.org.uk
When you contact us, we will ask for some further details whilst arranging a volunteer match.  We aim to start the partnership in 2-4 weeks.


We look forward to working with you.

Best wishes, Yvonne
Bridging the Gap Mentoring

Bridging the Gap Mentoring offers trained, expertly supervised volunteer mentors for people at risk of homelessness, offending and addiction. Regular support from someone who is concerned about them individually can help people to rebuild their lives.