Housing is an area that many of our clients want to work with a mentor on.

Support  from a mentor helped Anna arrange to move out of London.

Anna had moved to London to escape a difficult relationship, but soon regretted this. She wanted to leave  and had a number of places she could go to, where she had family. She felt overwhelmed and was keen to get it right this time.

Together with the mentor she was able to decide where would be the best place to move to, weighing up the pros and cons of each option.

They broke down the tasks and when things took longer or there was something new that was needed, the mentor helped her to stay motivated .

With the help of the mentor, Anna was able to pull together the evidence needed for her housing application, had an identified location, all of which was the goal she had set herself to achieve.

Jane decided that in order to get the housing she wanted she needed to get a job.

With the support of a mentor she gained the  confidence to believe she could achieve it. Jane was wanting to rebuild her life, and her confidence, after leaving an abusive relationship. She had been moved into a private rented studio by the council, but longer term wanted to move nearer her family.

With the mentor she was able to look at both whether she would be a priority for a council property and at the affordability of rents in the area she wanted to return to.

At the end she found neither was possible as she was  securely housed and benefits would not cover the rent. Although this was not the outcome she had hoped for, she was clear on her options and was able to move forward and she refocused into looking at how to get back into work.

Through mentoring Jane found the confidence to walk into a charity shop and ask about  voluntary work. She is now helping out there  and will work with a 2nd mentor to build on this to get back into work.

Jane said mentoring has “Given me the confidence to achieve my goals. “

Names changed to protect confidentiality

If you think you have someone who would benefit from mentoring do drop Yvonne an email [email protected] or ring 07842612979 to discuss.