January  2023


Dear Friend,

Welcome to our Bridging the Gap Mentoring  Newsletter.
Explaining how we help people through effective mentoring.

Good News

– Alan was struggling to navigate the health system, unable to get a face to face appointment with his GP or get hospital appointments arranged. With the support of his mentor he has managed to get these arranged.

– John wasn’t confident about looking into his benefits . With the support of his mentor he has looked up what he is entitled to and is being helped  to access support to apply.

New Leaflet

The new year brings a new leaflet aimed at people you work with who you think might benefit from mentoring.
Its purpose is to give information about what mentoring involves and to help a potential client think about whether it is for them and what they might want support with.

The leaflet explains that we offer up to 16 weeks with a trained volunteer mentor, supported by an experienced supervisor, working together to achieve goals, make changes and work on issues that the person chooses. 

It gives some examples of what we can help with and a space for the person to jot down some ideas. We hope it is a good starting point for you to discuss with your clients what we do and what they might like to help with. As always we will speak to yourselves and your clients about what we do and be happy to do that before any referral is made .

The leaflet explains how to contact us, refer and what happens next, from phone calls from the outreach worker to setting up the first mentoring meeting. The focus is on the client, meeting at a time and place that suits them and on goals and outcomes they choose. It explains the mentor is there to support, guide and encourage.
We hope you will find this useful as a way to discuss what we do and for the client to take away to read

Do let us know how many copies you would like and where to send them to. We can also provide a small cardboard desk stand if you have an area that you can display . To find out more please contact our Outreach Worker Yvonne Maxwell [email protected]

Supporting people 

Bridging the Gap Mentoring offers trained, expertly supervised volunteer mentors for people at risk of homelessness, offending and addiction.
Regular informal support from someone who is concerned about them individually helps people to rebuild their lives.

To find out more or make a referral:

Visit our website: www.bridging-mentoring.org.uk
Freephone number: 0800 488 0746
Email us: welcome@bridging-mentoring.org.uk
When you contact us, we will ask for some further details whilst arranging a volunteer match.  We aim to start the partnership in 2-4 weeks.

We look forward to working with you.

Best wishes, Yvonne
Bridging the Gap Mentoring

Bridging the Gap Mentoring offers trained, expertly supervised volunteer mentors for people at risk of homelessness, offending and addiction. Regular support from someone who is concerned about them individually can help people to rebuild their lives.