July  2022

Dear Friend,

Welcome to our Bridging the Gap Mentoring  Newsletter . Explaining how we help people through effective mentoring.

Good News – this month
We are grateful for a grant of £ 3,000 from the Yapp Trust, the second instalment of three annual contributions
And for a grant of £ 2,000 from the Albert Hunt Trust
And for a grant of £ 2,450 from the Mrs Smith and Mount Trust, the first of two annual contributions.

Making a total of £ 7, 450 towards our planned annual budget of £ 25,500

Who are our mentors ?
We have a wide range of volunteers with a diverse range of skills. They include university students but also young professionals and people with established careers and home lives.

In 2021 22 : 

23% (8) were Students (Criminology or Psychology)

31% (11)  were Young professionals or Masters students

46% (16)  were Professionals, Home makers, Mature students

Our mentors have  varied work experience including trainees solicitor, artist, lifeguard, barista , photographer, teacher, communications , administration, economist , scientist, retail and music sector.   All bring passion and commitment to work with and empower our clients. 

Our mentors come from a range of nationalities and speak a number of languages including Romanian, Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Greek, English, Serbian , German Portuguese , Albanian, Swedish, Finnish ,  Bengali and  French .

They have a range of interests from sports, to the arts, to cooking to nature.

What our mentors say 

“I was able to build a positive relationship with my mentee as a result of BTG’s thoughtful and useful training, and the printed resources helped me structure the time I had with my mentee and really focus on what he wanted to achieve.”

” Seeing first-hand the progress that service users make in a short space of time is very rewarding. It also showed me how much service users value one-on-one time in a casual environment, where they can be open and work on goals that they have created for themselves. This leads to service-users rediscovering their confidence and independence, which is very fulfilling for them.”